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Give a gift to support the priesthood

Your gift to Saint Francis de Sales Seminary can affect thousands of souls.  For every priest you help the Seminary welcome, inspire and form, you reach countless others who grow in their faith.

Planned giving lets you show your support now with a gift that grows bigger and has increasing impact over time.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving is an approach to charitable support that allows anyone to make a larger donation than they could make now based on their current funds and income.

Are planned gifts major gifts?

Yes, through planned giving, you have the ability to make a major gift to Saint Francis de Sales Seminary as part of your financial and/or estate planning.

What kind of planned gifts are there?

There are many forms of planned giving that can begin to benefit the Seminary during your lifetime or after you are gone.  Ways to give can include:

  • Listing the Seminary as a beneficiary in your will, trust fund, insurance policy or retirement plan.
  • Directing the proceeds of your investments to go directly and automatically to the Seminary.

How can I learn more about planned giving?

Please contact Lisa Brielmaier at 414-747-6463.

Fr. Sanfelippo Leaves Legacy through Planned Giving

Through planned giving, Fr. Sanfelippo left a legacy from his estate to the Seminary. Here, Catholic Financial Life leaders present a check to Archbishop Jerome Listecki and Rector Fr. John Hemsing.

When archdiocesan priest Fr. Frank J. Sanfelippo died in May 2012, he left nearly $300,000 to Saint Francis de Sales Seminary.  "He was a very thrifty man," said long-time friend Fr. John Endejan, who met Fr. Sanfelippo in the Seminary and served with him at Old St. Mary Church in downtown Milwaukee.  "He lived his young years during the Depression.  He didn't have too much growing up," he said.  "Frank lived his life very simply."

Fr. Endejan said Fr. Sanfelippo was a man of the church.  "He realized the importance of the Seminary.  He was happy to be able to help the Seminary financially."

Many ways to give

Any donation to the Seminary is greatly appreciated, and there are many options for giving.

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