de Sales Invitational


De Sales Invitational

Brotherhood and Basketball

2024 De Sales Invitational
February 9 - 11

De Sales Invitational

The 2024 De Sales Invitational was generously underwritten by Tom & Lynne VanHimbergen, Kevin & Linda Steiner, and Pat Connaughton of the Milwaukee Bucks. May God bless our amazing sponsors!

The Salesianum was delighted to host 350 seminarians and priests for a weekend of hoops and hospitality. It was an amazing three days of grace upon grace as 350 seminarians and priests gathered to give glory to God and play a few games of basketball. In a repeat of our inaugural tournament, Our Lady of Guadalupe won, with Saint Francis de Sales coming in second, and Kenrick-Glennon placing third.

Games played at MMOC can be viewed at this link.

Games played at Miller Gym can be viewed at this link.

De Sales Invitational

Friday, February 9 at MMOC

Game 1
35  St. Vincent de Paul
15  St. John's

Game 3
32  Immaculate Heart of Mary
23  Mundelein

Game 5
29  Saint Francis de Sales 
26  Our Lady of Guadalupe

Game 6
24  Kenrick-Glennon
14 St. John Vianney

Game 7
38  St. Paul
25  Moreau


Friday, February 9 at Miller Gym

Game 2
37  Notre Dame 
33  Our Lady of Guadalupe II

Game 4
40  St. Gregory the Great
32 St. Mary

Game 8
40  St. Vincent de Paul
28  Mundelein

Saturday, February 10 at MMOC

Game 9
26  St. Paul
21  St. Gregory the Great

Game 11
37  Kenrick-Glennon
17  Moreau

Game 13
24  Immaculate Heart of Mary
23  St. Mary

Game 15 OT
26  St. John's
23  St. John Vianney

Game 17
34  St. Gregory the Great
16  St. Mary

Game 19
41  Immaculate Heart of Mary
38  Moreau

Game 21
35  Notre Dame
25 St. Vincent de Paul

Game 23
33  Saint Francis de Sales
22  Immaculate Heart of Mary

Saturday, February 10 at Miller Gym

Game 10
29  Saint Francis de Sales
22  Notre Dame

Game 12
41  Our Lady of Guadalupe
7    St. John's

Game 14
29  Our Lady of Guadalupe II
24  St. John Vianney

Game 16
35  Moreau
33  Mundelein

Game 18
38  Notre Dame
32  Our Lady of Guadalupe II

Game 20
53  Our Lady of Guadalupe
19 St. John's 

Game 22
45  Kenrick-Glennon
33  st. Gregory the Great

Game 24
38  Our Lady of Guadalupe
27  St. Paul

Game 25
37  Our Lady of Guadalupe
32  Kenrick-Glennon

Game 26
40  Saint Francis de Sales
23  Notre Dame


Sunday, February 11 at MMOC

Game 27
40  Kenrick-Glennon
26  Notre Dame

Game 28
54  Our Lady of Guadalupe
38  Saint Francis de Sales

2023 De Sales Invitational

De Sales Invitational

The 2023 De Sales Invitational was generously underwritten by Tom & Lynne VanHimbergen, Kevin & Linda Steiner, Pat Connaughton, and Fr. Gerry Brittain.

The 3rd annual De Sales Invitational basketball tournament featured 12 teams from around the United States. It was an extraordinary weekend of basketball, but also a lot of brotherhood, for the 250 men who have chosen to give their lives to Christ. Between games, the men prayed together, ate together, and enjoyed a camaraderie that strengthens the future of our Church. Thank you to everyone who participated, from the seminarians and priests, to the many families who came to cheer the seminarians on!

Our own Shormen won the intensely-fought championship game over St. Paul Seminary in overtime. Our Lady of Guadalupe came in third. Congratulations to all!

Seminary Basketball Team

Watch the games on the Seminary's YouTube channel



2022 De Sales Invitational

de Sales Invitational

The second annual De Sales Invitational hosted 12 teams from around the nation on February 18 - 20, 2022. Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary won for the second year in a row by defeating Saint Francis de Sales Seminary 53-47, in a repeat of last year's championship game. Moreau placed third. It was an amazing weekend for the hundreds of seminarians who traveled to Wisconsin to pray and play together. 

2022 Games can be viewed on YouTube.

The 2022 De Sales Invitational was generously underwritten by Tom and Lynne VanHimbergen.

2021 De Sales Invitational

The innaugural De Sales Invitational Basketball Tournament was held in February 2021. Six teams from Midwestern seminaries came together for a weekend of brotherhood and fun. The three days of camaraderie were particularly welcome because all of the seminaries were living in some state of quarantine at the time. An excellent team from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Nebraska defeated the SFDS team in the championship game. Kenrick-Glennon placed third.

The 2021 De Sales Invitational was graciously underwritten by Tom and Lynne VanHimbergen.

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