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"The Amazing Gift of the Priesthood"

Dear Friends in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ! Because of your faithful support of Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, 13 men will be ordained to the priesthood this spring – nine of them for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. It will be Milwaukee’s largest class in over 30 years. What a gift!

The numbers are heartening, but even more impressive is the caliber of these men. They are good men. They will make faithful priests. They understand that a priest serves the People of God, “…not as an attendant in religious matters, but as Christ, who came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many” (Directory for the Ministry and Life of Priests).

Listen to their own words about the priesthood:

Deacon Juan Carlos Altamirano (Green Bay)
Entering into the priesthood is a tremendous gift that, although no one deserves it, is gratuitously given to fulfill what the Lord said, "It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain" (John 15:16). 

Deacon Dennis Beltré (Milwaukee)
The priesthood is the fulfillment of a call to be more united to God and do His will. God has been calling us to go the extra mile, to think differently from the rest, and above all things to seek unity with Him.

Deacon Nicholas Dhein (Milwaukee)
Priesthood means helping people feel God's love in their lives, especially in the important and difficult moments.

Deacon David Drefcinski (Madison)
The priest embodies Jesus Christ out in the world. He shepherds the children of God with passionate zeal and lays down his life for them.

Deacon Kevin Durand (Milwaukee)
The priesthood means living freely in God’s love, being available to share the love of Christ’s Sacred Heart – with which He has loved me – with those He has entrusted to me.  

Deacon Zachary Galante (Milwaukee)
The Lord gives the Church the amazing gift of the priesthood so that the whole world would continue to be washed, nourished, forgiven, and healed in the saving mysteries of Christ’s redemption.

Deacon Denny Jacob (Milwaukee)
I am looking forward to becoming the servant of God and an accompanier to those who are in need.  

Deacon Anthony Kersting (Madison)
Priesthood means sacrificing to God on behalf of His people: for His glory and their salvation. "Those who lose their life for my sake will find it" (Matt 16:26).

Deacon Dominic Lazzaroni (Milwaukee)
Priesthood is ultimately Christ's, who offers a perfect sacrifice to the Father. It is a great honor to share in this priesthood, to be conformed to Christ and, in doing so, offer His sacrifice as a mediator between God and man for the salvation of souls and the forgiveness of sins.

Deacon Charles Luke (Milwaukee)
I am looking forward to celebrating the sacraments. They are the channels through which the life and love of God is poured out into our world, so to be a minister of those is just about the most incredible thing I can think of.

Deacon Craig Richter (Milwaukee)
To be a priest is to be on the front lines of the greatest mission in the history of the universe: Christ's mission to rescue us from sin. There is no greater mission than to save the world from sin, no greater love than Christ's self-sacrifice for us, and no greater role than the priest who is called to give his life as Christ did for the salvation of the world.    

Deacon Mark Rydell (Green Bay)
I am excited to become a spiritual father and assist people in growing in their relationship with God. 

Deacon David Sweeney (Milwaukee)
On our retreat, Bishop Hying said that the priest labors for the salvation of souls – hundreds at once from the pulpit, and one by one from the confessional. As I prepare for ordination, I pray that God gives me the grace to labor in His vineyard with courage, zeal, and love. 

Thank you for your sacrificial giving over the years that has helped these men conform their lives to Christ. Your generosity to the mission of Saint Francis de Sales is bearing great fruit!

But the need for more priests remains great. Will you prayerfully consider making a gift today to help us form more holy priests like these men? Your support of the Seminary is an investment in the future of our Church. It is an act of hope for the world. Please be bold!

Know of our daily prayers for you, and please, pray for us!

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Luke Strand



AltamiranoDcn Juan Carlos Altamirano

BeltreDcn Dennis Beltré

DheinDcn Nicholas Dhein

DrefcinskiDcn David Drefcinski

DurandDcn Kevin Durand

GalanteDcn Zachary Galante

JacobDcn Denny Jacob

KerstingDcn Anthony Kersting

LazzaroniDcn Dominic Lazzaroni

LukeDcn Charles Luke

RichterDcn Craig Richter

RydellDcn Mark Rydell

SweeneyDcn David Sweeney


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