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Dear Friends in Christ,

People who are not familiar with our story are often surprised to learn that Saint Francis de Sales Seminary is growing. In a world where most young men don’t even attend Mass, what kind of man enters seminary?

The truth is simple and beautiful. Our seminarians are smart, accomplished men who love the Lord more than they love the things of this world. They want to grow in their love for Jesus Christ and His Church. But that does not mean they are alike!

Our seminarians come from 55 different small towns and big cities. Some are extroverts and some are reserved. Most are in their twenties, with 85% under the age of 35.

Each seminarian has an undergraduate degree, and a handful of them have advanced degrees. Their fields of study range from philosophy to actuarial sciences. We have seminarians who studied finance, sports journalism, and music. One studied international real estate, and one studied anti-terrorism!

Before entering seminary, one of our men was a teacher, and one was an engineer at Disney World. One was a police officer, and several served in the military. We have former entrepreneurs and business owners as well.

These are real men who were successful in the world in many ways, yet they came to the Seminary because Jesus Christ called them to be His priests.

Each man comes with a unique story, and each will be a unique priest. We want them to be – honestly and humbly – the men God created them to be. They need to learn to die to self and conform their lives to Christ, but by doing so, they become truly free to be themselves.

It would be easier to crank out cookie-cutter priests, but that is not what the world needs right now, and it would not be pleasing to God. Please help us to form real priests who will be generous in the mission. Priests who will serve faithfully. Priests who will love your family with the love of God.

May God bless you for supporting the formation of His priests.

In His Heart,
Fr. Luke Strand






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