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Dear Friends in Christ,

Seminary formation must set a man free to love as God loves. Recently, someone asked me what that means in practical terms. Good question!

At Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, we have created an environment where the seminarians are respected, known, and loved. Formation advising and spiritual direction are not limited to monthly meetings. Our faculty enter into the lives of the seminarians as spiritual fathers. They engage the men as future brother priests, God-willing! They are at the side of each seminarian from his arrival, through the struggles of pursuing a life of humility and virtue, to the joyous day of ordination, and beyond. Our formators model Christ’s self-giving love as an example and as a servant.

The relationships that result offer a powerful sense of belonging that free a seminarian to be completely himself; the man God created him to be.

The men of the Salesianum are constantly called to practice selfless giving and sacrificial love. We must strive to love each other as God has so generously loved us. We have a house that must be maintained, and a community that must be supported, whether classes are in session, or the men are on break. Chores become a fraternity-building experience; assisting a brother seminarian with his philosophical study, act of charity; and spending extra time in chapel, one’s primary work. Every opportunity and challenge that seminary presents to give of oneself is formational!

Seminarians who have learned to love and make a gift of themselves here, will love and offer themselves generously in a parish. We are training your future priests to enter into your family’s lives as servants, spiritual fathers, and beacons of light and truth. 

Please help us with this mission. Please pray for our seminarians and our formation faculty. They are praying for you!

Prayerfully consider supporting us with a sacrificial offering. Your contribution will help us to form more priests who are prepared to love and serve. May God bless you for your faithfulness to us.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Luke Strand
Rector Designate

P.S. - Don't just take my word for it! Read what some of our formators have to say about being a part of the Seminary's mission.



Rector and Vice Rector
Fr. Luke Strand
Rector Designate
"Each man's vocation is sacred. It must be fostered as a gift from God and reverenced as an instrument of grace."

Fr. John Baumgardner
Vice Rector
"Holy priests cheerfully sacrifice everything they are for the people entrusted to them. I am excited to assist our men in prepariing for this beautiful life."

William Hudson
Mr. Will Hudson
Director of Admissions;
Associate Director of Vocations and Formation

“It is a humbling and tremendous blessing to be a part of this mission. The daily witness of these talented and holy men, who are laying down their lives in pursuit of Jesus Christ and for the sake of His Church, is a great source of hope for me, my wife, and our children.”


Dr. Agnieszka Kosmecka

Dr. Agnieszka Kosmecka
Director of Liturgical Music

“The seminarians in our schola cantorum direct their talents and energy into prayer and worship, offering to God the very best they can give.”

Fr. Justin Kizewski

Fr. Justin Kizewski
Director of Intellectual Formation

“What strikes me most about working here is the community among the men. They truly look to serve each other. There is a sense that we are in this together, contributing to something much bigger. Their commitment to the Lord, to the Church, and to their brothers is palpable in the seminary and out of it. This band of brothers will do great things for God and His people.”

Fr. Brad Krawczyk

Fr. Brad Krawczyk
Director of Worship & Liturgical Formation

“Being part of priestly formation is a solemn and privileged responsibility. It reminds me of a quote from St. Peter Julian Eymard, “To bring about the sanctification of one priest is to effect that of thousands of faithful, for the priest is a multiplier.” The formation faculty and seminarians know what is at stake in service of Christ and His Church.”

Fr. James Kubicki, SJ

Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.
Spiritual Director

“To share in the spiritual journey of those God is calling to the priesthood is a privilege that I am very much looking forward to.”

Fr. Rob Kroll, SJ

Fr. Rob Kroll, S.J.
Director of Spiritual Formation

“When speaking to others about my ministry of spiritual direction with seminarians, I sometimes fight back emotion as I realize
how strongly I feel like a father to these ‘spiritual sons.’”

Fr. Glenn Powers

Fr. Glenn Powers
Director of Pastoral Formation

“Helping seminarians to see deeper into a variety of ministerial experiences is mutually rewarding. Making connections between real life experience and scripture, the saints, and the rich tradition of the Church continues to prove most inspiring.”

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