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The Program of Priestly Formation at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary aims to help each seminarian grow in the following areas of competency:

Personal Maturity
Seminarians strive to mature into responsible men who have integrated all aspects of formation. This requires self-knowledge, honesty, flexibility, initiative, professionalism, the ability to relate well with others, and a proper understanding of priestly celibacy.

Spiritual Maturity
Seminarians are encouraged to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ through a disciplined life of prayer and silence, commitment to the liturgical and sacramental life of the community, and fidelity to spiritual direction.

Commitment to the Church
Seminarians must be committed to the Church and her mission. This commitment manifests itself in fidelity to the Word of God and the Magisterium, obedience to the bishop and those in authority, openness to God's call, and the ability to collaborate with others.

Commitment to Justice
Seminarians are expected to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to Catholic social teaching, through service to the poor and marginalized, simplicity of life, and generosity of spirit.

Leadership in Prayer and Worship
Seminarians must reverently proclaim the Word of God and generously fulfill liturgical responsibilities. Each must possess a deep love for the sacraments and an appreciation of the liturgical tradition of the Church.

Theological Competence
Seminarians work to possess a robust knowledge of sacred Scripture and sacred tradition. Applying Church teaching to everyday life, passing on the faith through sacramental ministry, and skillfully preaching the Gospel message are fundamental to formation.

Pastoral Effectiveness and Leadership
Each seminarian must be aware of himself as a public person and future priest of the Church. This demands an ability to serve in leadership roles, to work collaboratively, and to exercise appropriate authority. He must develop the leadership skills, responsibility, and initiative required to serve as the pastor of a parish community.

Effective Communication
Effective communication begins with a capacity to listen, demands effective and prudent use of media, and requires the ability to articulately speak and write. As seminarians progress toward ordination, effective preaching is given particular emphasis.

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