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At the 2014 Annual Dinner, Saint Francis de Sales Seminary unveiled its new look - a look designed to convey our rich history and tradition.

The new logo is filled wSaint Francis de Sales Seminary Logoith meaning.  Its predominant color is a yellow-gold—the spectrum’s happiest color, associated with warmth, optimism and joy. Yellow is also the symbol of light and purity.

The Bavarian eagle represents our German heritage, reminding us that the Seminary was founded to form priests for Milwaukee’s German immigrants. The eagle is also a symbol of St. John the Evangelist, the patron saint of our archdiocese.

The shield on the eagle’s chest is the bishop coat of arms of St. Francis de Sales. Its crescent moon symbolizes one who has been enlightened and honored by his sovereign – Christ the King. It also represents the Blessed Virgin Mary who is often shown standing on the crescent moon.

The two stars represent divine quality bestowed by God. They symbolize goodness and nobility.

On the scroll, in German script, is a Latin phrase from the Gospel of Matthew – “Vos estis sal terrae” – “You are salt of the earth.” This is the Seminary’s motto.

All together, the logo represents the qualities we want to instill in our seminarians: Enlightened by God. Devoted to the Blessed Mother. Noble men of virtue who bring light to the world…who have a vision as grand, strong and true as St. John the Evangelist’s. Men who become seasoned in their service to the Lord and bring meaning to our lives.

Many ways to give

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